marys meadow
history of marys meadow

A Rich History

Mary’s Meadow was originally a 156 acre farm, featuring structures that date back to the
mid-1700s. The original farm house was built by a doctor where he lived and served local
patients of Darlington for a number of years. Several years passed, and the farm was eventually purchased in the early 1900s by the same family who owns it today. The family continued to run the farm using the land to grow several essential crops for the area. Mary’s Meadow was often the local farm where Boy Scouts could walk to for fresh vegetables while camping at the local Boy Scout camp.

Fast forward to April 2009 and you would find the Petty’s extended family and closest friends
planting over 3,300 vines in the same fields. The family jumped in the viticulture industry by
growing Vidal Blanc and Traminette grapes, providing them to local Maryland wineries. In late
2014, the family partnered with their friends to rebuild the barn on one of the oldest stone
foundations in the area. Mary’s Meadow has become one of the newest venues on one of the
most historic pieces of property in Darlington for special events, including weddings, wedding
receptions, graduation parties, family reunions, and much more.

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